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Quality truck scale accessories increase efficiencies and optimize the flow of trucks in and out of your plant. Knowing which accessories will compliment your current operations can help you better select an overall truck scale system and manufacturer. Refer to your site planning flow map to see where an accessory can speed up processes and reduce the risk of human error. Always consider the space an accessory will need prior to installing your truck scale system to ensure the best truck maneuverability and flow. Accessories include attended and automated ticketing kiosks, remote displays, traffic signals, printers, guiderails, and more.


Guiderails offer drivers protection against accidental drive-offs. Many suppliers offer guiderails; make sure you examine the designs of each with your scale supplier closely, including the shape and strength of the rail. Some guiderails have open-ended rails, while others are sealed or plugged with an end cap. Open-ended rails can accumulate debris and moisture, and guiderails plugged with an end cap can corrode from the inside if moisture seeps past the cap. Caps with a welded seal offer the best protection, keeping debris and moisture build-up out of the rail.

Automated Ticketing Kiosks

From RFID truck identification to load assignment, weighing and ticketing, unattended automated ticketing kiosks optimize truck traffic and improve safety by keeping drivers behind the wheel. Many manufacturers’ kiosks can integrate with your central office and accounting systems.

Printers and Printer Kiosks

Printers and printer kiosks improve more than just speed and accuracy. Many printer kiosk systems offer state-of-the-art features like RFID, vehicle recognition, and durable weatherproof designs.

Truck Scale Data Management

Truck scale data management software can print tickets or reports, as well as store information to a central database. Data management software enhances the functionality of automated ticketing kiosks by providing advanced data management and reporting capabilities. Most software systems are adaptable to a wide variety of industries and are compatible with many popular operating systems, streamlining your scale house or front office operations with your truck scale. Most manufacturers’ software allows you to generate reports, often broken down by a number of variables including customer, hauler, truck, product, and vendor.

Remote Displays

Whether you need to see weight readouts up close or messages at a distance, remote displays light up information to increase efficiency and provide direction to drivers. Many remote displays are customizable and feature stop/go red and green signal lights.

Traffic Stop Lights

Industrial-strength stop lights professionally communicate the universal stop/go red and green signals at a distance, speeding upscale traffic and eliminating congestion.

Barrier Gates

Barrier gates block access at the entry or exit of your truck scale. Most gates are electronically controlled to open or close after a designated

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