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Who We Are

Weigh-Tec was founded in 1994 by Dale Cook, who is still running the business 26 years later. Being a family-owned company, we care about every customer’s satisfaction and put everything we have into each and every job.

We are a full-service industrial scale company whose driving purpose is customer service. Our technicians are trained and experienced with the most intricate, analytical lab balances all the way to the multi-ton railroad, truck, and crane scale. We maintain multiple test trucks with accurate, certified weights. We have a fleet of service vehicles ready for dispatch 24 hours a day and a 24-hour on-call service team.

Our company represents a wide variety of manufactures whose reputations speak for themselves such as B-TEK, Cardinal, DIGI, FlexWeigh, Ohaus, Rice Lake, and SAI.

Weigh-Tec can handle all your scale needs, whether it’s servicing and maintaining your existing equipment or coordinating future improvements. For more detailed information about our sales and service opportunities, please call or fill out our form above for more information. We look forward to earning your trust and becoming your partner.

Truck and Rail Scales

Truck Scales

A truck scale can be the most vital piece of equipment for many different types of businesses, truly becoming your “cash register” as you weigh product. A heavy duty, properly set-up, well maintained truck scale can last for a generation.

Rail Scales

When selecting a complete line of rail weighing equipment, Weigh-Tec can exceed your requirements. We are an authorized representative of many leading manufacturers that produce in-motion scales, dual draft static scales, and more.

Specialty Scales

For those with unique needs, Weigh-Tec can provide lightning protection, pallet scales, lift truck scales, bench and counting scales, floor scales, livestock scales, and more. Give us a call for an estimate to get started on your specialty project today.

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