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Weigh-Tec is a full-service industrial scale company who’s driving purpose is customer service. Allow Weigh-Tec to handle all your scale needs, whether it’s servicing and maintaining your existing equipment or coordinating future improvements.

At Weigh-Tec, we maintain multiple test trucks with accurate, certified weights. We have a fleet of service vehicles ready for dispatch 24 hours a day. Our technicians are trained and experienced with the most intricate, analytical lab balances all the way to the multi-ton railroad, truck and crane scale.

Our company represents a wide variety of manufactures whose reputations speak for themselves such as: B-TEK, Cardinal, DIGI, FlexWeigh, Ohaus, Rice Lake, and SAI.

For more detailed information about our sales and service opportunities, please call or email us. We look forward to earning your trust and becoming your partner.

Company History

Dale Cook, president, started Weigh-Tec, Inc. in 1994.  He began the business on his own and added technicians as the company expanded.  Today the company has a full staff of thoroughly trained technicians.

“Weigh-Tec is among the top 10 truck scale distributors in the United States for the second largest scale manufacturer in the world.” The company has installed truck scales across the United States and internationally. They provide 24-hour service and support with timely response to emergency situations in order to reduce costly down time for customers.

Specializing in heavy capacity truck scales, Weigh-Tec can assist you with your project from start to finish. The company also has its own concrete crew resulting in lower overall cost and less liability for customers.

Our Commitment

Weigh-Tec will consistently provide customers with weighing and systems equipment that is of uncompromising quality while rendering superior service in a prompt, dependable, and completely professional manner. We will continuously strive to improve by seeking better ways to provide quality products and deliver services that are valuable to customers.

Our goals will be accomplished by well trained, competent, and trustworthy employees to ensure that our reputation is not compromised. We intend to provide our employees a safe and healthy work place, recognition for outstanding performance, and earnings to afford a good standard of living while maintaining the profitable growth and financial strength of our company.

Weigh-Tec is committed as a team to providing customers with precise and timely mobile on-site calibration services. Management is committed to excellence in technology and capabilities. Weigh-Tec will operate competitively and fairly in order to be the industry leader for quality service while maintaining total commitment to accuracy, measurement traceability, and customer satisfaction.

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