Simplifying Truck Scale Installation

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When investing in a new truck scale, you want to know that not only will it stand up to your weighing needs for a generation or more, but it should be easy to install. Details from the way modules are stacked for shipping to hardware packaging should be carefully considered by the manufacturer to ensure simple, streamlined installation.


When you’re discussing truck scales for sale with your dealer, ask them if they have any information about how the truck scales are shipped from each manufacturer. Some manufacturers carefully load modules so the first module offloaded is the first module that needs to be placed. This allows the modules to quickly be placed in the correct order, saving valuable time during the installation.


Some truck scale designs have bolt-together modules with frustrating alignment needs. If the modules aren’t lined up precisely, technicians won’t be able to bolt them together easily, increasing the installation time. This design also limits adaptability to thermal expansion and contraction with changing seasons. Bolted-together modules won’t be able to maintain proper alignment during expansion and contraction, causing inaccurate weighments. Some manufacturers use a P-bracket design to eliminate the need to bolt modules together. This design allows modules to quickly form a secure connection that maintains alignment throughout seasonal temperature changes. P-brackets also lead to faster truck scale installation time.


Another time-saving feature from some manufacturers is pre-sorted assembly hardware. They may even offer the option to shipload cell mounts pre-suspended in the load cell pockets, allowing your certified truck scale technician to install your system in less time.

Weigh-Tec offers SURVIVOR® truck scales incorporate a self-seating P-bracket design to connect modules as they’re set in place. SURVIVOR scales are shipped with pre-sorted and packaged assembly hardware with modules stacked in the order they will be offloaded in to simplify installation. With the option to shipload cell mounts pre-suspended and the flex conduit for load cell wiring also in place, your certified technician will have your SURVIVOR ready for use before you know it. check out the truck scale projects we have done at

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