Weighing Livestock for Profit

//Weighing Livestock for Profit

Farmers and ranchers weigh livestock to measure meat quantity and ensure buyers receive what they are paying for. Heavier livestock is generally considered healthier, more profitable, and better for breeding. Alternatively, animals that weigh less cannot offer as much meat, rendering them less valuable. Animals that are underweight may be experiencing health problems and could require medication to improve their health and get their weight up.

The proper dose of medication is determined based on an animal’s weight. If the scale used is not accurate, the dose may be too much or too little. Improper dosing can present hazards to your livestock—and your business.

If too much medicine is given, the animal’s health could be further compromised and the cost of the medication would be wasted. If not enough medicine is given, the health issue will not be fixed and the animal will not increase in value.

Like medication, an animal’s feed is dependent on how much the animal weighs. If an animal is given too much feed, it will become overweight and require weaning. Too little feed, on the other hand, and the animal will become underweight, un-healthy, and thus unprofitable.

Animals are weighed because their bodies are essentially the product that is sold to buyers. This weight must be monitored closely for quality purposes. Weigh-Tec offers highly accurate livestock scales built by reputable manufacturers such as Rice Lake Weighing Systems. Headquartered in Decatur, Alabama, we are able to travel country-wide and even beyond to assist with scale installation.

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