Weighbridge Strength of Your Truck Scale

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Weigh-Tec has been installing and servicing the toughest truck scale equipment since 1994. We know that the most important part of your truck scale is the structural integrity of the weighbridge. When a weighbridge starts to fail, it leads to continuous problems that can only be solved with total scale replacement. We work with manufacturers who have a reputation for excellence to ensure you get the highest quality truck scale for your needs.

The Strength is in the Design

The best way to judge truck scale strength and whether it can handle high-volume traffic is to inspect the design of the weighbridge. There are many different designs available including I-beams, lighter steel beams, C-channels, bent plates and more. We can help you understand the advantages of each design and why the steel content of the design matters. Working together, we will find a scale with the strength you need.

Two terms associated with weighbridge capacity and truck scale load ratings are concentrated load capacity (CLC) and dual tandem axle (DTA). These ratings define the maximum load the weighbridge is designed to support. When the scale is loaded to CLC/DTA and the weight displayed is within acceptable tolerances, that CLC/DTA weight is recorded on the scale’s Certificate of Conformance from the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP). 

We can help you understand the specifications of each manufacturer’s truck scale and how these specifications can impact your application. Depending on the average axle load of vehicles at your facility, you may need a truck scale that can handle fewer, heavier loads than a scale that’s intended for the frequent monitoring of legal highway load limits. We can also help you choose a Legal for Trade truck scale system that you are confident will meet your application needs and your region’s Legal for Trade requirements.

Plan for the Future

When we discuss your truck scale capacity needs, we’ll look at truck scale models with capacities that exceed the weight of the fully loaded vehicles you currently have at your facility. We’ll also discuss how heavy the vehicles could be in the future if your operation changes and expands. A truck scale is a large investment and with the proper maintenance, you should get many years of reliable use.

Our certified Weigh-Tec scale technicians will expertly install, calibrate and service your truck scale to ensure your truck scale is performing exactly as you need it to. If you’re not sure what type of scale would be best for your application, we can provide a consultation to find the perfect scale for your needs.