How to Choose a Truck Scale Foundation

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How to Choose a Truck Scale Foundation

When it comes to choosing a foundation for a new truck scale, there are multiple placement and design factors that should be considered. Weigh-Tec specializes in heavy capacity truck scales and staffs a knowledgeable team of experts who can help you determine the best foundation for your vehicle weighing needs.


Aboveground vs. Pit-type Truck Scale Foundations

There are two foundation options for new truck scale installations: Aboveground or pit-type, where truck scales are installed in concrete pits with floor foundations.

Aboveground foundations can be a more cost-effective option, given that they don’t require a pit and therefore don’t need as much construction. Because service can be performed at the deck of the scale, the equipment can be repaired quickly. However, it is important to keep in mind that aboveground foundations take up more space and require the use of ramps.

Pit-type foundations help conserve space, as they don’t need as long of an approach as aboveground installations. However, pit-type foundations require sump pumps and drains to prevent standing water from creating harmful rust or corrosion.


Truck Scale Foundation Designs

Once you have chosen a foundation for your truck scale, it is time to select a design. Our certified Weigh-Tec technicians can evaluate factors such as climate, soil type, and budget to determine the best foundation design for your application.

Deep Pier Foundation

Ideal for colder climates, deep pier foundations are intended to be partially submerged below the frost line to combat the harmful effects of freeze-thaw conditions. This type of foundation requires 2,500-3,000 PSF soil bearing pressure.

Shallow Pier Foundation

Shallow pier foundations are the least expensive foundation option and are well-suited for sites in warmer climates where frost isn’t an issue. This type of foundation works well in areas that have adequate soil compaction.

Floating Slab Foundation

Designed for ground with at least 1,500 PSF soil bearing pressure, a floating slab foundation is a single concrete pour the same length as your weighbridge. A floating slab is the second most cost-effective foundation option.

Pit Foundation

Pit foundations can range from depths of two to six feet. The foundation should be deep enough for service to be performed underneath the weighbridge when necessary.

Weigh-Tec has expertly sold and serviced scales since 1994, from intricate balances to heavy-duty truck scales. Our highly experienced staff can help you choose every component of your vehicle weighing system, whether you’re starting with the foundation or adding final accessories. We are able to install scales and scale foundations throughout the entire United States and beyond, with headquarters in Decatur, Alabama.

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