6 Reasons to Choose a SURVIVOR® Truck Scale

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At Weigh-Tec, we specialize in assisting with any and all scale requirements you may encounter, including heavy capacity equipment. We proudly sell and service truck scales from Rice Lake Weighing Systems. Rice Lake’s SURVIVOR® truck scales are built to last, offering unique advantages that set them apart from competitive models.

Here are six reasons a SURVIVOR remains the industry’s leading truck scale:


  • Increased load cell stability with G-Force™ technology


SURVIVOR truck scales are engineered with G-Force technology, a mounting system where the scale’s gravitational force enables load cells to self-center. The G-Force design reduces the impact of side-load shocks as well as the additional costs incurred by installing check rods and bumper bolts.


  1. Additional weighbridge protection with an open bottom design

Some truck scale models are constructed with an enclosed cavity design, which can result in equipment decay sooner than what is natural. The open bottom design of SURVIVOR truck scales prevents heavy moisture buildup and premature rusting by providing breathing room for air to circulate. Exposed surfaces receive protection from a thick layer of protective paint, offering a strong defense from harmful weather and possible corrosion.


  1. Load cell pockets for more durability

SURVIVOR truck scales have integrated load cell pockets, lending superior durability to your weighing system. These pockets are fabricated from sturdy steel beams and welded inside the outer I-beam.


  1. Higher steel content improves lifespan

Stronger weighbridges are made possible with SURVIVOR truck scales’ increased steel content. More steel means SURVIVORs are built stronger and last longer, complemented by structural I-beams placed to continuously support truck tires.


  1. Sophisticated testing guarantees performance

SURVIVOR truck scales undergo extensive testing in compliance with interstate bridge standards to ensure consistent performance in demanding conditions. Able to weigh 250 trucks every day for 25 years, SURVIVORs require less maintenance and are designed to help consumers save money.

  1. Customization provides versatility

With customizable options for scale size and finish as well as module configuration, SURVIVOR truck scales are a perfect match even for unique system requirements or site restrictions. SURVIVOR strength and value remains unchanged throughout the construction of every unit, whether standard or fully customized.


For your every heavy capacity weighing need, you can trust Weigh-Tec to help you get the job done. While headquartered in Decatur, Alabama, our expert technicians are available nationwide for truck scale consultations, sales, installations, calibration and maintenance. Visit www.weightec.com/truck-scales to explore how a truck scale from Weigh-Tec can improve the operations of your business.